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"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers." [R.W. Hamming]

Welcome to MathMan In-Home Tutoring!

Experienced and effective, I provide comprehensive math tutoring of fundamental and advanced concepts, in your home, by phone, email, and over the internet. Sessions can be any day, preferably in the afternoons or evenings. I generally recommend one session a week.

My students range from middle schoolers to high school seniors preparing for the SAT to folks aiming at the GED or MTEL; tutoring can be focused on test preparation, or on developing a solid mastery of grade-level material.

Subject matter offered includes: number sense, all grade 5-12 math, algebra I and algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, graphing, linear equations, matrices, pre-calc, calculus, statistics, and effective use of your favorite calculator (TI-30X, TI-83, Casio, etc.).

Prepare for mathematics portions of SAT, GED, ACT, MCAS, or MTEL. Review and sharpen your understanding of math concepts tested; learn test strategies to optimize performance, based on test structures and scoring. It is vital that you work with a tutor who realizes, as renowned tutor/ author/ professor Philip Keller points out, that these math tests are NOT like math tests in school! Among other things, there is no partial credit, and (on the SAT) four incorrect answers can wipe out a correct answer! Very different strategies must be utilized to maximize your score.

For those interested in working remotely with me, we can use a variety of tools and methodologies. Generally, I'll try to make sure we are both working from a common text, practice test, or other "hard copy" material. Using that, together with real-time telephone coaching, Skype, Google Docs, scanner (I have one!), and email, we can achieve remarkable results!

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