MathMan! Tutoring

 “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. ” [Albert Einstein]

Client and Educator Comments

Thank You Note

"Guess who passed her math exam with flying colors...? Just wanted to let you know that you are fabulous. Thank you."

".....Dick has helped both my children get through high school and middle school math. With just a few sessions, my daughter was able to sail through her senior year math finals. My son struggled with his middle school math assignments but Dick's patience, encouragement and good humor got him through the eighth grade. We are lucky to have found a math tutor who really cares about his students and helping them be successful in math....."

"... your tutoring services may have been the best money I have ever spent. Several questions on the test came right out of the problems you showed me how to do. You have been SUPER."

"... is a very caring and excellent teacher with high expectations for all students. He is very conscientious and is always willing to go the extra mile so that students will be able to better understand the new material and concepts ...."

"Dick has a personality that puts others, particularly students, at ease. He makes learning fun by not taking it too seriously, yet getting the critical information across. The students look forward to his being in class, and miss him when he is out."

"...had some very nice things to say about you. She said that you did not condescend to her son and that he really responded well to the tutoring."

"I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks a lot."